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Never wait in line again

Reserve your place in line with a Lister. Simply request to be listed and we'll take it from there. Sign up as a Skipper today!

Which features we have included in our application

Two-sided C2C marketplace

Choose to be a Skipper or Lister

Easy map filter by categories

Restaurants, concession stands, venue events, theme parks... and more to come!

Secure payment method

Transactions are quick and safe. FDIC insured.

Chat sytem for Skipper and Lister

Send messages to let Listers know you are on the way!

Maps feature showing skippable venue drop pins

We've all wished we can be at more than one place at the same time. Now you can, with Skip!

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The next big thing. Making waves.

Make use of your time while waiting in line as a Lister. Reduce your wait time in lines as a Skipper.

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Chat with a Lister today

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